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Drug Crime Defense Lawyers Serving Greenville, Easley, Clemson and Pickens, SC

Firm provides experienced guidance for those charged with drug offenses

South Carolina has tough drug laws that can lead to long prison sentences, especially when the amount of the illegal substance involved exceeds what is required for a simple possession charge. At Acker Lambert Hinton P.A., we are accomplished South Carolina defense lawyers who represent clients in cases involving possession, distribution, trafficking and drug-impaired driving allegations. Whatever circumstances exist in your case, we will challenge the authorities and press for an outcome that avoids an unduly harsh punishment. From our office in Pickens, we serve clients in Greenville, Easley, Clemson and other area communities.

Attorneys represent clients accused of possession and intent to distribute

How seriously a drug possession case is prosecuted depends on the specific substance and how much was found. South Carolina law establishes amounts for particular drugs where a charge goes from simple possession to possession with intent to distribute. Amounts that can establish an intent to distribute charge for specific controlled substances include:

  • Marijuana — One ounce
  • Heroin — .13 grams
  • Cocaine — One gram
  • Methamphetamine — One gram

Even if the amount found falls below the statutory level, you can still face a charge of possession with intent to distribute if evidence exists that you were looking to sell the drugs you had on hand.

No matter what the facts are in your drug possession case, you should understand what legal options are available before deciding how to proceed. Overzealous police officers might have overstepped their bounds when conducting a search. If so, the evidence seized during that search could be excluded at trial. You might also be able to avoid incarceration by undergoing treatment for a substance addiction. Our firm is highly experienced in these matters and is ready to fight for your rights.

Proven litigators handle cases stemming from drug trafficking allegations

Large amounts of a controlled substance, materials used in the manufacture of illegal drugs and other indicators of a large-scale operation could lead a prosecutor to file a drug trafficking charge. This is a felony charge where a first offender could face up to 10 years in prison even for the lowest marijuana trafficking count. As the volume of the controlled substance rises, so does the potential sentence. It only takes four grams of heroin to support a trafficking charge and a conviction could result in incarceration for seven to 25 years. With the stakes so high, it is vital to have an attorney on your side who knows how to safeguard your rights.

Advocates assist motorists charged with driving under the influence of drugs

Someone who is impaired by illegal or prescription drugs can be prosecuted for driving under the influence just like someone who is drunk. However, the wide range of substances and the difficulty of administering suitable tests makes drug-impaired driving cases more complicated. If you’ve been accused of a crime based on something the officer thought they smelled or a certain look in your eyes, our firm will aggressively counter charges based on flimsy evidence. Even a first offense can trigger a six-month license suspension, a fine or possibly even jail time, so it is critical to hire a skillful criminal defense attorney.

Contact a Pickens drug crime defense lawyer for a confidential consultation

Acker Lambert Hinton P.A. represents South Carolina residents who have been accused of a crime related to illegal drugs. We are located in Pickens and assist clients from Greenville, Easley, Clemson and other areas. Please call 864-668-1013 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.