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Firm Offers Legal Assistance to South Carolina Clients Accused of Traffic Violations

Attorneys serving Greenville, Easley, Clemson and Pickens help motorists

Getting pulled over for a traffic offense often is more than a minor inconvenience. Without a proper legal defense, you might be forced to make an unfair payment to the government and could lose your ability to drive legally. Located in Pickens and assisting motorists in Greenville, Easley, Clemson and other locations throughout South Carolina, the offices of Acker Lambert Hinton P.A. takes traffic offense cases seriously and works to achieve the best possible resolution for clients so that they don’t have to deal with higher auto insurance rates and other penalties. Whether you’ve been accused of speeding, running a red light, driving recklessly or some other infraction, we offer strong advice and advocacy.

Proven lawyers handle reckless driving, speeding and hit and run cases

We handle a full range of cases on behalf of South Carolina motorists who have been accused of:

  • Reckless driving — Various types of alleged vehicle misconduct can lead to a reckless driving charge, including excessive speeding, unsafe lane changes and other actions that supposedly demonstrate a disregard for the safety of people or property. In these matters, we investigate the facts and seek pre-trial intervention, if possible, to keep the reckless driving charge off our clients’ records.  
  • Speeding — Punishment for speeding in South Carolina varies depending on how much over the legal limit the vehicle was traveling. The lightest penalties are imposed in cases where the driver exceeded the posted speed limit by 10 miles per hour. A ticket for going between 10 and 25 mph over the limit results in four license points and a fine of up to $81. The toughest sanctions are reserved for cases where the driver was exceeding the speed limit by 25 mph or more.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident — The moments after a car crash can be chaotic. With the exception of leaving temporarily to get help, you could face criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident before the police arrive if the collision caused an injury or property damage.
  • Other moving violations — Passing a school bus improperly, running a red light or even traveling with faulty headlights and other moving violations can cost you money and even put your license in jeopardy.

Some drivers assume that, once they’ve received a ticket, the penalty is unavoidable and the easiest course of action is to accept the punishment. However, a conviction on a traffic citation could cost you a significant amount of money, require you to attend traffic school and, in more serious cases, even result in jail time. Hiring an experienced attorney gives you the chance to learn what defenses are available and to state your case effectively in support of a fair outcome. 

How traffic offense points can lead to a driver’s license suspension

Most traffic offenses not only result in fines, but also license points that can raise your insurance rates and possibly lead to the suspension of your driving privileges. Once you have accumulated 12 points, you are subject to a three-month license suspension, and longer penalties are imposed as the number of points increases. Even some speeding citations can lead to as many as six license points, so it is worthwhile to fight any ticket that you believe is not justified. We know how disruptive losing the ability to drive can be to you and your family, so we strive to defeat unwarranted traffic allegations and reduce punishments where appropriate.  

Contact a skillful South Carolina traffic violation defense lawyer for a consultation

Acker Lambert Hinton P.A., located in Pickens, represents South Carolina motorists who have been accused of traffic offenses. We also assist residents of Greenville, Easley, Clemson and other area communities. Please call 864-668-1013 or contact us online to discuss your case with a qualified attorney.